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Dear American Breeder,

We have many breeders and bird lovers scattered throughout our country. I have noticed that our hobby has lost growth due to lack of information. 

Much of the initiative for this magazine is to raise awareness to anyone with an interest in birds about local associations, bird competitions and breeders ready to support and help each other to revitalize our hobby. 

This led me to create this magazine that aims to reach all breeders in the United States and position itself as a permanent support tool in all the aviaries in the country.

In the first two editions we focused mostly on colorbred canaries, but you will now begin to see more information about other types of birds. 

It is so good to learn about other types, you never know you may start to breed them or help other breeders! I hope you enjoy the variety of articles and pictures to come. 

I invite you to go to americanbreeder.us. We have created a “Breeders Corner” to facilitate and encourage discussion about breeding and all that affects our aviaries. 

I want to thank those who have collaborated in making this magazine, those responsible for printing, marketing, writing and photography, as well as all the sponsors who have trusted in this new project and our families who have supported us in this great challenge.

Hope you will enjoy reading it and stay tuned for our next edition. 

Ricardo Sánchez